Episode 21

The Mega Q&A Episode!


November 1st, 2021

1 hr 39 mins 54 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

It's an ALL Q&A episode of the Pencast! Brian and Drew answer 15 questions that they've been hanging on to for a rainy day. Chapter are added for your convenience!

Video Version Here:

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0:00:00 Show Start

0:02:13 Should the slit between the tines be perfectly centered?
0:06:28 What hasn't Kaweco released a piston-filling pen?

0:09:26 What are the best engineered pens?
0:19:05 Do you always match pen and ink colors?
0:25:36 We need to know where Drew buys his shirts

0:27:39 If you didn't work in the pen industry, what would your jobs be?

0:41:02 How is your company doing with COVID and working remotely?

0:47:21 What is the process of becoming am authorized retailer?

1:01:15 What fountain pen should I get next?
1:04:08 Can I use a jeweler's cloth to smooth a nib?
1:11:26 Is it possible to switch nibs on a pen?

1:18:00 What is the hottest pen brand right now?

1:25:08 What does "Demo" mean when talking about a fountain pen?

1:29:02 Are non-Sailor inks really going to damage Sailor nibs?

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