Episode 28

We're back! Let's Talk About Feeds!


January 10th, 2022

1 hr 59 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

Brian and Drew return after two weeks off, and they're going to dive in to some questions about fountain pen feeds! There's also a lightning round of questions, the Tip of the Week and Brian tries to kill Drew's soul with a diabolically placed Dad joke.

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Are Fountain Pens Easy to Use?: https://youtu.be/bFiZt65epWU

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0:00:00 Intro
0:00:43 Show Start

0:01:26 Feedback

0:07:24 New Stuff

0:12:18 Q&A

0:13:14 Are feeds different depending on the nib size?

0:28:57 Best pens for shimmer ink? What inks have the most shimmer?

0:38:03 Should I use an Ultrasonic cleaner for my pens?
0:51:45 Which manufacturers make their nibs in-house?
1:01:34 Why do feeds have fins?

1:08:51 Lighting Round!

1:14:52 Tip of the Week

1:18:22 What's Happening?

1:46:20 Comp-Nay Updates

1:51:41 What's on Your Desk?

1:57:48 Wrap Up

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