Episode 37

Dangerous & Frozen Ink, plus Brian's Old Blog


March 14th, 2022

1 hr 58 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

Is freezing your ink a good idea? Are people sleeping on the Platinum Procyon? Brian and Drew cover these topics and more! Plus, Drew shows off his ink bottle terrariums and Brian takes a stroll down memory lane.

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0:00:00 Intro
0:01:31 Feedback

0:15:19 New Stuff

0:22:06 Which inks are safe for celluloid?

0:41:01 What is the best-sealing LAMY pen apart from the 2000?
0:49:38 Why did you get rid of Ink Nouveau?

0:57:19 Does freezing your ink help to extend its shelf life?

1:04:43 Are there some feeds that work better with certain inks?
1:14:25 Tip of the Week

1:18:30 Pen Spotlight

1:29:26 What's Happening?

1:48:09 Comp-nay Update

1:53:07 Wrap Up

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